like, I appreciate that it’s a joke at this point, Bing’s weird attendance of med school, but also: that’s not really how you fill plot holes. Pointing at a thing and saying “this is a thing, we know it’s a thing, and at this point, it’s a pretty hilarious thing, but we’re not ever going to explain it because it’s past the point where we can explain it, so let’s just have a laugh and pretend that’s enough” is a shitty way to cover your narrative failings. It’s like using a reference as a joke in an of itself without writing a proper joke with a reference included in it—it’s not funny just to refer to the thing, you’re making the thing do your work for you. Is it funny, yeah, but does drawing attention to the holes in your story endear you to me? Not so much. It’d be a hell of a lot funnier if the joke was grounded in some kind of rationale.

lizzie bennet diaries   it's a minor quibble   I liked this episode a lot more than I have the last few   so it's not a big thing   but seriously   ha ha look at this thing I did it's a funny thing because I say it's funny   is never something I'm going to find charming  

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    TEA AND CAKE AND MOVIES FOR EVERYONE. :D Honestly, stuffing people with tea and sweets has been my specialty for years....
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    *flail* Glad it works for you, too! and I’d like to come over for that tea & cake & movies!
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    I think it is going to be explained, because otherwise they wouldn’t keep pointing it out. probably in the most dramatic...
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    I believe the trope’s called lampshading
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