One of the things that's really bothering me about the timing of this shit hittingeth the fan is whether or not Lizzie has gotten to know Darcy well enough to realistically be in love with him by the time she leaves Pemberley. Especially if her becoming acquainted with the news interrupts what would probs be their first date. Is this a suspension of disbelief thing or do you think she's built enough of a foundation?

I just wrote a really long answer to this ask and lost it. I’m really mad about that. It’s partly my wireless keyboard but I shall blame tumblr because I’m angry with it about my queue and my drafts and the wonkiness therein. But points for the 10 Things reference; it’s the second time this week that same one has been made in my direction. I like it.

Short answer: Yes, I think she knows him well enough in certain ways. It’s not about knowing the specifics of him, like who his favorite teacher was, is he afraid of snakes, how does he take his coffee (though given that they lived together for a month, I’d hope she knows how he takes his coffee). It’s about knowing the essentials of him as a person. And I think she’s starting to understand who he essentially is. He’s trying really hard to show her that she took everything she said when she rejected him to heart—and not just what she said to his face, but what she said in the videos. He hasn’t said it, but I’m guessing he doesn’t want to be nor has he ever considered himself to be the Darcy we saw in all those costume theater moments or when Lizzie told stories about him. So he tries to be open and honest and genuine, and he shows her that he has a sense of humor (and a sense of humor about himself, which is not always the same thing). I think it’s really interesting that he’s watched all the videos—finding out that she’d be coming to Pemberley, he kept up with her work. Like, not to romanticize the character because the dude isn’t perfect, but I think it takes a lot to sit through not just the 60+ videos in which she said not-so-nice things but then, having been rejected, submit himself to watching someone he’s said he loves but with whom he believes he has no chance. And he doesn’t watch them thinking he’s going to get another chance. He watches them because she’s coming to his company and that they’re going to have to interact and it’s the right thing to do. I can’t think that was easy for him. Every time they interact in the videos, we get a little bit more about who this guy is, and it’s all fodder for Lizzie coming to see that he’d be her ideal match—he can throw himself into costume theater, he has this warm relationship with his sister, he’s not holding a grudge nor does he blame her for anything she said about him in her prior videos, which for a guy who’s good opinion once lost is lost forever is a big deal—he doesn’t care about the way Lizzie’s portrayed him in the videos probably because he blames himself more than he does Lizzie. I think that’s telling of who he is as well. So there’s all this stuff going on that’s not about knowing all the little details but about knowing him as a whole, and there’s so much time to get all the details that it’s not as important.

Plus, and this is another thing that’s super important, the whole idea of Pemberley tells you a lot about who Darcy is. Even if they never interact outside when we see them together in the video or in photos (although lbr they’re manufacturing excuses to see each other on the reg now, right?), Lizzie’s walking around in this place every day that’s basically a monument to the inside of Darcy’s head—Pemberley Digital tells you everything you need to know about how Darcy thinks people should be treated, what he thinks is beautiful, what he thinks is interesting, what he thinks is valuable and important. It’s a Darcy bubble full of Darcy ideas, and that can’t fail to have an impact on her. It’s not even about money, it’s about creating an environment that is welcoming and productive and forward thinking and things like that. So when she looks at this company he’s recreated, she sees his values. I think that adds up.

I’m totally not writing a fic in this general arena or anything. 

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