So far, Lizzie does not follow Fitz and Gigi on twitter. While I find this nonsensical, as she’s friends with them, it does mean she doesn’t see their conversations about her. So that makes sense.

Darcy, however, follows both Fitz and Gigi. I tend to think the D doesn’t use twitter that often, but. He definitely can see the conversations that his BFF and little sister have about him.

Which is endlessly amusing to me. 

you can't tell me he doesn't secretly enjoy this matchmaking shit   he can eyebrow at the camera all he wants   but in his secret inner self   he's pleased   show: lbd   lizzie bennet diaries   lizzie bennet   william darcy   gigi darcy   fitz   lizzie x darcy  

  1. andthenisay said: bernie su said lizzie not following gigi on twitter was a spoiler, so. take that as you will.
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