No one knows where thoughts come from. They just appear. —Empire Records

this is basically [sic]   WHO knows where thoughts come from   is the correct line   empire records   lucas   a philosopher for our time   there was a portion of my high school life devoted to weekend viewings of Empire REcords   the commonplace book   commonplace 51  

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sara bareilles   favorite  

I don’t know anything about the Big Bad for Arrow S3, but something occurred to me about mid-way through my S2 rewatch that I feel a little dumb for only just getting.

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arrow spoilers   arrow s3   and I say this as a person who genuinely loves this show   I'm very fond of Oliver Queen   I love all our heroes on this show   but   you know   you could maybe find other motivations for dudes to do shit  


Guess what everybody’s going as this Halloween.

this post is like 100 years old now in terms of memeiness   but I kept it in my drafts   because I find it delightful   and this carter kid reminds me so much of nephew t   nephews are a great invention of the universe  


Arrow |  Unthinkable.

Slade took Laurel because he wants to kill the woman I love

arrow   oliver x felicity   FEEEEEELINGS  


Getting in shape with Chris Pratt

truth in advertising   pratt pratt pratt   his refusal to romanticize this   to make it like a thing that could be seen as anything but hard work   and not like a thing you should want to do for fun   is genuinely great  


Piano Man- Zack & Aaron (Anthony Morigerato)

this was soooooo gooooooood   i love how the tappers were choreo'd like conversation   it was just wonderful   I don't know that they stand a chance against Ricky and Jessica but man do I enjoy the hell out of the   *them   sytycd  


Time Will Tell [x]

yes and I will take them all   jewelry   watches   watch necklaces are a thing I super love  

spoilery thoughts I had on that three seconds of olicity in the grainy promo before passing out because migraines happen 

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arrow spoilers   arrow s3   spoilers   I HAVE A LOT OF FEELINGS ABOUT THIS  

"I’m so done with those two idiots."

I say as I keep reblogging their faces, rewatching episodes, reading fan fiction and thinking about them the rest of the time. (via thelordof221b)
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