elizabeth/lizzie bennet! fitzwilliam/william darcy? felicity smoak? anne of green gables? lots of others that i can't think of right now???

You know, I’m going to give Felicity the one spot I know no one is going to get, because my love for Det. Harry Bosch of the Hollywood PD is not something that is tumbled ever, and she is rapidly becoming a fave.

So, Lorelai, miss Elizabeth Bennet, Mr Darceface, Anne Shirley, Anne Elliot, Felicity Smoak (‘09).

I’m relieved these are obvious, as I hate to be mysterious.

For the faves thing; Lizzy/ie?, Darcy?, Lorelai Gilmore?, Anne Elliot?, Anne Shirley? HAS MY STALKING OF YOUR BLOG (with love, I swear I'm not creepy, um, I hope I'm not creepy at least) PAID OFF?

Oh, I love my non-creepy stalker! Correct on all counts.

Lorelai Gilmore, for sure.

I will always love yooooou.

I’m going to go get ready for bed and pretend I have 10 faves, so hit my ask box if you know any if them. Also if you know why my computers are all being dicks.

I don't know what I want to add to the Chris Evans hair subject except that I REALLY WANT TO TOUCH HIS HAIR SOMETIMES? But, like, his legit hair? His spike-y Captain America hair? Stupid Steve Rogers and his touchable America hair. Hrmph.

I wanna touch his everything.



The saddest puppets ever: a progression. (Man, episode 64 was rough on EVERYBODY.)

these puppets get me


I wanna be Katie Campshure when I grow up   emma approved  
re: chris evans hair: you're totally right, and i've had discussions about it. CAP 1 HAIR IS THE BEST. THE *BEST*. IT'S TOO AWKWARDLY SHORT IN THE OTHERS.

Whatever hairpiece he was wearing for the Avengers really hurt me, it was just so not worthy of anything except being lit on fire. Like these are bajillion dollar movies, why are the wigs so. BAD.


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this might be the source of my wonder woman affection   it's hard to resist   wonder woman  

Why do we love Captain America so much as a character? What is it about him? x

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I will go on record as saying that Chris Evans has better hair than Cap does   (I mean   in Cap1 his hair is pretty flawless   but avengers and cap 2?   this hairdo here is better)   I HAVE OPINIONS ON THIS   apparently   evans   fucker   so handsome   so very very attractive   meet queue  

Taylor Swift leaving the gym in NYC - July 14th, 2014

Taylor Swift leaving the gym in NYC - July 14th, 2014

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if I had taylor swift's legs   I would only dress like this   ever   I am super hot for that purse also   I want it   in my hand   for me